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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Time:8:42 pm.
Sa-aaal! Where are you?!?!
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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Time:8:47 pm.
Mood: awake.
Right so to begin with, Sydney was great and Mardi Gras was fucking amazing. They sure know how to throw a party. Blew my mind, and that was even before the drugs kicked in. Can't for next year.

Now ive started spending more time on my laptop (still nameless) especially now that mmsn finally works on it, but with more time being spent im finding myself bored with my usual websites (which arent many in numbers) so Im asking for some sites to checkk out that can consume my time. Something I'll probably be interested in, and preferably something that doesnt need a lot of concentration. Which means that generally fanfiction is out. So... gimme gimme gimme ppl. Random sites please.
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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Time:9:06 pm.
Mood: content.
Evening all.

So, what I have I been up to since last I updated? Well not an awful lot. Spending way too much money definitely comes to mind though. All in preparation for my Sydney trip. Although I did buy an incredibly hot suit for work which set me back, well a lot. Its the most amount of money I've spent in one shop on clothes ever. But, its hot.

I also bought a laptop a few weeks ago. Having one "major" problem with it. It has the new Windows Vista on it (shush durancureboy :P )and for some fucked up reason my messenger don't like it. I can't get onto fucking msn. Its upsetting me. Aside from that no other issues.. yet. Its a hot little thing though. *strokes it* but its still nameless. Nothings coming to me still.

I saw the Little Britain Live show the other weekend, and it was oh my god SO SO funny. Many laughs were had, to the point where my jaw went all fucked up again for the rest of the night.

The most exciting news I have though is that I have 1 day, ONE day left of work til I have a week off to go to Sydney for Mardi Gra!! Christ I can't wait. Work is killing me at the moment. Not cuz of stress or anything even remotely like it. Its painfully boring, but I still don't want people to be calling our line. lol. I really am in the wrong area. Customer service is not my favoured area. *sigh* I hate my job. Unfortunately though its pretty good pay for what it is.

So yes, I get my haircut tomorrow night, thank god cuz its outta control and way too long (for me) and I want it to look fabulously hot. Then I come home and pack some more, then I sleep then I wake up Thursday morning. And knowing my history with planes/airports, my general laziness mixed with a "its all good" attitude I will probably piss fart around and then freak out cuz I'm not ready with only 5 minutes to go. And then I will arrive at the airport with only 10 minutes before I have to board. Ok its not always that bad, but near enough. *shrugs* it'll be fine. I've hopefully learnt my lesson and shall be much more prepared and organised.

I started rambling, sorry. :)

Right, I'm going to get ready for bed. Catch ya later. Some sooner than others.
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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Time:4:13 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Hey hey. About2 hours ago i "met" and talked tothe Scissor Sisters!! They were doing their only signing session in Brisbane.Yay for us. So my sister and i went along and lined up. They were sofriendly and just fantastic. Ana is fucking gorgeous as is Jake and Del. Those 3 were very sweet and smily and ugh just great. So we got our shit signed, and then realised we could line up again for the other thigns we wanted signed. So around we went again. And again those three were great.

In about an hour Jess and I head off to see them play tonight.

Ana (after i commented on how friendly they all are): Well y'know you canbe an asshole, but eventually it doesnt pay to be an asshole.
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Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Time:12:47 pm.
Oh god.Im about to gofor my first ever actual driving lesson. Im shitting my pants and feeling a little ill. Oh god.
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Monday, November 13th, 2006

Time:10:48 am.
Mood: cheerful.
What a boring weekend that was!! All my friends suck sweaty ass, even those that dont live in my city..just cuz.

So what the hell have i been up to since last i updated like woah ago. OH! yeah. I got a new job. I worked at Gloria Jeans AND my new job for a while, and about a month ago now i finished my coffee making (for pay) days. After a bit over 4 years. Yikes.

Anyways, I now work at Wageline, which is a incoming call centre really. I have to answer ppls questions, I give information NOT advice. Although most ppl take it as advice. Ah, yeah and its all to do with Industrial Relations. Well, in the QLD state system anyways. And let me tell you ppl, this Workchoices stuff that Howard brought in has really fucked up the entire thing. Sooo many ppl get shitty about it all. Especially if they've already spoken to the Workchoices call centre. Those guys know even less then we do!!! Thats not their fault though. From what we can gather, the feds employed people who dont really know much about IR, so that there is even less information going out there. Well.. correct info. Oops, im getting carried away. Um, so its an alright job, especially for $27 an hour. Its only casual, but i get 3 days a week. Man, i have money!!

The only pain in the ass thing about it, is its over the north side, which means catching 2 buses, with a travel time of one hour and 25 minutes (when the road systems dont shut, and when buses are generally running on time). Which leads me to the other part of travelling on buses.

Seeing a person on the road just after they've been hit by a bus. Ive seen TWO already. The first one didnt seem too bad. She was sitting up at least. The one last week though. I never wish to see again. The accident must have happened a few minutes before we were there. Either way, when I looked out (not expecting anything too bad due to the last person i saw hit by a bus) the guys eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and there was blooding pooling on the road from behind his head. He died later at the hospital.

So, yeah that was fucked. My brain went into overthinking mode, and I find it too weird that i saw a person not long before they would die, but also saw what it was that would kill him. If that makes sense. Anyways, I didnt cry or anything, but i almost did on Friday when my bus went past the spot (and the approx time) where he got hit, and his family were on the footpath with flowers and some of them were crying. From a stupid mistake, from something he had probably done many times before (skipping the lights).

And the poor bus driver. That'd be tough.

So yeah last week was GREAT! :/. I also realised that I caught 16 .. SIXTEEN buses in four days last week. Thats retarded.

Uh, I also saw Placebo in September. They were amazing, as most of you know ;). Running Up that Hill blew me away. I need/want audio. I do have pictures, but that would require effort on my behalf to actually scan them. Plus we dont have a picture editing program on the computer for some reason. Whatever, Placebo were great, and i have some awesome pics (an ugly one of brian that amuses me greatly), particularly from the front row position at the Brisbane gig.

Im seeing Kylie on Saturday night. That should be a wonderful show. And amusing watching some of my friends. haha.

Ive increased my responsibilities by one. I got private health insurance. Go me and the grown up shit. That increases monetary responsibilities to two! well, maybe three if i include my board to my folks. So phone bill, health insurance and parentals. Jesus, i should slow down ;)

Anyways, what a boring update, glad y'all werent holding your breath for that one. Take care
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Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Time:9:41 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
This sucks balls. I am so motherfucking bored. Well, no Ive moved from bored to tired. What a complete waste of a Saturday.

Wonder what I'll do tomorrow....
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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Time:10:41 am.
Mood: good.
Man, I am sooo crap with lj.

There's been random bits and pieces happening, but nothing life changing.

Saw Ross Noble a few months back and he was hilarious. Saw Judith Lucy who was also really funny, but I laughed more with Ross. I dig the randomness of him.

I saw Coldplay and they were just amazing. One of the best gigs Ive been to. Just, ugh, fantastic.

Im off to Darwin for a few days. Flying up on Thursday at 9pm, get in at 1am YUCK! My uncle is taking me to the gay club(s?) hahah. Then the 50th bday for my uncle and aunty on Saturday. And jst random things til we leave at 1am Tuesday morning. Arrive home at 6am Tuesday EEWWWWWW. Probably the main reason Im going up is cuz my grandad has the beginnings of alzheimers (sp?) so I wanna see him before he totally loses (if my grandma doesnt kill him first *sigh*).

And then my bday next month. And then September comes. PLACEBO!!! YAY! :D

In other news, Gloria Jeans is fucking ridiculous. Well my store is. Im quite over it. The shit is gunna hit the fan soon, cuz almost all the staff arent happy with the new manager. She was a friend to everyone when she was a normal staff member, but int he last few months shes become a moody pain the ass, and is making the staff feel like shit. She's not even 18 man. Dont mistake that comment for me being upset that im being managed by someone younger than me. Cuz thats not new to me. I just cant get over the fact that someone who is only 17 is making ppl feel like this. Anyways.. ppl are talking of quiting, one girl is today. She will be telling the owner WHY, which is fine but i'll be there and will somehow get stuck in it all.
Its kinda good cuz its giving me the kick up the ass that I so obviously need to get out and start my career. HAHA well i mean get a job first. God, sooo painful.

Thats it from me for another few months :P
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Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

Subject:100 film clips of the last 20 years
Time:12:51 pm.
Mood: productive.
This is MY list. Not the shit one that was on Video Hits a few weeks ago. Although it is inspired by it. Some of the songs on their list deserved to be there, but most did not. And I will admit that my list is probably lacking a few very current clips, but I havent seen them so :P.

Some of these clips are in there because they have to be, I may not like them, but the clip may capture a time perfectly. Some of the songs may not be great, but the clips were excellent. So on and so forth. And maybe the song was fantastic and that simply made the clip fantastic.

Dont try to argue with me on the songs I have in the list, but I am quite open to other suggestions. I cant remember every clip, so I may have just forgotten about it or something. Also, its not really in any order, numbering them 100-1 would just be too hard, but I may make a note of where abouts i think the clip would be in a proper 100.

Hanson, OutKast, Vanilla Ice. Oh My.Collapse )
Ok so Ive only got 63 songs. This is where you all come in to help.
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Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Time:3:22 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Your Political Profile:
Overall: 35% Conservative, 65% Liberal
Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

I got this from i_am_schizo's journal. Im fairly happy with the results.

Just finished watching The Bourne Identity. 1. Matt Damon is just hot. 2. the car chase scene is freakin awesome. I wish I could drive like that. Err... i wish i could drive. haha hmm.

Life is going. Nothing terribly exciting. I am off to see Ross Noble the english comedian next week. He is a funny funny man, so yay.
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Saturday, April 8th, 2006

Time:2:06 pm.
Mood: chipper.

Last night was my graduation ceremony. And as i expected, it was pretty boring, but went quickly enough. So anyways I step up, they saw my name, I doff (stupid fucking name... its just a nod basically), and as im walking across i think i heard my family cheering AND i realised they had said my name right, so i had a big smile spread across my face. Now i officially have my bachelor of commerce.

Dad was all with the pride. aww. I saw my sister falling asleep after I had been up. HAHAHA. It would have been obvious too cuz she was on the edge of the aisle. lol.

In other news Ive been watching queer as folk season 1, and now want the second season dammit.

Work has been work. And ahhh thats about it really. Hopefully Im off to the queer festival tonight. We'll see.
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Monday, March 20th, 2006

Time:6:07 pm.
Mood: good.
X all you remember from the 90's...Collapse )
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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Time:2:08 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
My time spent at home is much less than it used to be. I've been getting heaps of hours at Gloria Jeans, which is great as far as money goes. Last week I had 30.5 hours, this week i got 32. I cant wait for Thursday when i will be paid about $400. YAYYYY! Its cuz Christie (owner) loves me. And while customers used to shit me before, I find that the more often i work the more I cant stand them. lol. So aside from some customers Im generally enjoying work again.

But man am I lazy. I dont actually want to work this much, but I still want the money. Im sure Im not alone in this though. I need a rich partner.

Ive finally been able to buy some new clothes that are HOT! And I have plans for more money to be spent on clothes. But this weekend is rather huge in that new Placebo is released - and i have money to buy it. AND Sunday is Big Gay Day - I have money for that too. No worries. SO yeah BGD and then I shall be off to Fluffy for some fun times.

And I want to get a new phone, not sure whether to pay if off over 24 months though, or just buy it outright. I guess that'll depend on the price of the phone.

I saw Brokeback a few weeks ago and LOVED it. So Dan and I went and saw it again last Tuesday and loved it even more. Its just beautiful... and turns me into a big cry baby. I havent seen a movie that has touched me so much, in such a long time.

Anyways, despite my not being home much, Ive still managed to chat heaps to Sal salpal, Romi rainoftruth and Lisa slightlybemused on msn, which has been great.

So, apart from that there is not much else to report.
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Monday, February 6th, 2006

Time:12:52 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Right well, turns out the whole files moving thing was a VIRUS! Not only was the virus moving files, it was duplicating them and if dad hadnt found out about it, in a couple of days the computer would have just died cuz there would be no more room.

The thing is, dad reset the computer.... i lost my itunes and my motherfucking sims2 families. Now that I know its all true, im devastated.

I wish death on all hackers, even if I actually know a hacker (but dont know it) I wish horrible death on them too. Digital graffiti. Just as I strongly believe that graffiti "artists" should have their thumbs and index fingers cut off, I believe hackers should have ALL their fingers cut off. This shit fucking pisses me off.

Actually, I dont mind the actual artists, who actually have a talent cuz they tend to to their shit not on other peoples property and not everywhere they possibly can. Its the taggers I have a serious problem with. I wish for them to get hit by a speeding train as they are trying to tag. Die you fucking scavengers who waste precious air by simply being alive.

Ahem, so, um, that also goes for hackers. Actually I just hope that their computer screens fall on their heads and electrocute them to death.

Aside from the nastiness of computers, I had a really awesome, fun day yesterday. Hung out with Dan and Ciaran, had a picnic dinner by the river and it took me half an hour to eat a roll with chicken and cheese on it due to the neverending laughter.

Oh, and due to the resetting of the computer I have lost all my favourites (although hopefully some of are on the other computer), but ah, could someone give me AAA's address, thanks.
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Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Time:10:27 am.
Mood: relieved.
Right well, thankfully my father has made a liar of me and my last entry. He found the files!!! Both the itunes and sims 2. I mean, it still means our computer is doing weird shit, cuz its moving files and folders of its own accord.

That, or we think mum gets on the computer secretly in the morning (when im still asleep and everybody else is at work) and fucks around with it (this is laughable due to the fact my mother wouldnt have a clue).

So anyways, its yay all around for me.

I have to close at work tonight and tomorrow night which is poop. Thats 1030 finish. And then after work on Saturday I have to go to a 21st for a girl from work. I got no clue what to buy her.

Speaking of work. So, as some of you may remember I have been getting shit hours for, well months now. Five hours a week, which is $75 a week. I actually got through christmas on that, just. Right, so this 21st bday thing got me thinking about the ages of the other staff, and well, (does anybody else get de ja vu when writing in lj?? I cant decide if ive dreamt about writing something like this or.. argh!) there are a couple of girls who are on the same pay rate as i am. So I decided to compare our hours, and holy torledos! They were getting between 10 and 20 hours a week on average. The fuck!? So I asked my new owner if I was a crap worker? She said no, why? I siad cuz I get less hours than the other girls, so I was wondering if thats what it was about.

Favouritism. It should be noted that the new owner Christie doesnt actually DO the roster. Janet the manager does, and shes been giving her good friends way more hours than myself. Thats bullshit, and extremely unprofessional *stabs her in the eyes numerous times*. Anyways, Christie changed the roster and bit and got me some more hours. Hopefully it'll stay like that. Grr. I hate this job, and yet i pissfart around in getting a resume together!?? Whats wrong with me?! heh.

That is all.
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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Time:2:14 pm.
Mood: sneezy.
Computers suck poo. Big time. If its not one thing, its a fuckin nother. Dads been updating, making bigger and better the second computer. Fine. But now the main computer is eating files. Slowly and sneakily it eats them. The first lot we noticed luckily straight away and were able to retrieve them.

I went to help my sister on iTunes, and ARGH!!! Every single album and song ive loaded onto the computer is GONE!! There's about 700 songs gone. Thats hours of fucking uploading again. *stabs things*

Fine, I was devastated but put it at the back of mind cuz thats how i deal.

A couple of days ago I go to play Sims 2. Every. single. family. I created is GOOONNNE!! My fabulous houses, my freaking family trees. THAT pissed me off and upset. Its such a killer. I dont feel up for starting all over again.

So, yes I fucking hate computers at the moment. Well, I hate this one.

In other news, its a bit hot outside, so mum put the aircon on which means the whole house has to be shut up. Which is a bit of a problem when one burns the absolute crapola out of ones toast and fills the house with smoke.
Nobody told me Jess was having crumpets for breakfast, so i didnt think to switch off the crumpet button. So the toaster burnt black just one side of my two pieces of toast. Set off the alarm. ARGH! So, i decide to be a bit unenvironmentally friendly and open a number of windows and doors to try to get the smoke out. This lasted for about 10 minutes before I felt guilty bout the energy wastage and shut all the doors and windows again. Anyways, it still stinks in here, i have a snotty nose and a headache now. I just put on a oil burner to try to smother the smoke smell in pretty smell. We'll see.

And so as you can tell, my life is so full of.. god, stuff. Full full full. haha

I did go and see The Producers on Sunday, that was fun and camp.

I finally got a interview-y shirt from Herringbone (god how much do i owe my folks now) the other day, and when i put the whole outfit on, the shirt, the pants, belt and shoes, I felt SO confident. HAHA i felt like i could get any job i went to an interview for in those clothes. So.. hopefully that will be true.

Sorry for the crap entry, needed to vent a little.

Take care
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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Time:2:23 pm.
Ok so thank GOD we're getting Song to Say Goodbye. I just listened to Because I Want You and was a little scared and mortified. Dont get me wrong, it has its moments, but Brian doesnt sound wonderful - its like they turned up the vocals too much. The lyrics are, well, like something i would write haha. But, it has its moments.
So then i listened to Song to Say Goodbye and my faith was restored. Musically its beautiful. Lyrically its good, a bit venomous at times, but thats lovely.

But, I cant help think of the first moments I heard The Bitter End, or TIM, or Pure Morning etc, and my heart rate picked up cuz the drums and everything were freakin amazing. Thats what a first single should do. Thats what gets me hooked. But hey, Song to Say Goodbye made me happy and all Placebo Love again.

love ya guts.
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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Subject:and so on and so on
Time:8:53 pm.
Mood: tired.
Well, I thought i would be a little crazy and actually update this thing. Updating seems like such a chore to me, but ive always been crap with diaries and the like.

Umm, so, what's been going on with me? Not much really, thats not entirely true, ive been doing stuff, but not too much thats exciting.

Christmas was christmas. Had bacon and eggs for breakfast at a relatives place, that was fine except Thomas (5 y/o cousin) is a fucking little shit who needs a good smack or five. Anyways, was home by 3, we cooked pork and then ate it.

So i received season 1 and 2 of Little Britain (yayyy), earrings, $20 itunes voucher and a $30 myer voucher - and this was all just from my sister. I also got a wicked belt, massuers (haha shush, theyre comfy and i wear them when i go outside to smoke), and some fabulous makeup. I got the Buffy movie. I flashy flash lighter (which was kinda fun when faceless) but its already run outta gas. And I got a cute little girly pink cigarette holder and a matching little mirror. Im loving the ciggie holder but unfortunately it only holds 7 ciggies. That's sooo not enough for me, but its still fabulous.

Went to Family for Fluffy night and got chopped with Dan. Snogged a straight girl who recently admitted she used to have a thing for me... and apparently still kinda does. Anyways, so when i get chopped i like to snog ppl, I found Nat and snogged her. She loved it! HAHA! Kept coming back for more.
It was a fabulous night, and Tuesday was great cuz i got to hang with Dan all day, which we havent been able to do. We got up to our usual random madness and giggles. And watched lots of Little Britain.

New Years Eve was fabulous fun aswell. I mean, at one stage I was freaking out cuz my pill was like WHOA! and i couldnt move my fingers, feet, stomach. It was freaky. And what i say next will probably be the one and only time i say it - im actually thankful that a girl spilt beer on my leg. I was sitting there, freaking my friends out, and trying not to freak out completely or close my eyes, when a girl goes to pass me a bottle of water, and next thing i know shes knocked beer over on the table and its spilling on leg. It made me focus on that, and so the body stiffness started to pass THANK GOD! The best bit was i wasnt even concentrating on the beer thing, i forgot all about it about 5 minutes later. The rest of the night was fabulous. Didnt dance enough cuz whenever i felt like dancing the music was crapola. I snogged the straight girl some more when i saw her - again, she loved it. We all went for a walk to The Tree, cuz they lifted the stupid 3am curfew. The tree was just what we needed and was great. I spoke to the Hjo that is Lisa for a bit, and that was cool although she may not think so. At least i was more coherent then, than i was earlier when i called her. ugh. hahaha.

Was in bed by 7am, got 4 hours sleep, and new years day was actually really cool it was just the Domain crew. We just hung out on the balcony, watched some dvds, hung out on the balcony some more. Then we decided to drink and smoke ciggies and have the most personal conversation we've ever had as a group. It was hilarious and great.
Monday wasnt quite as good, cuz its always the second day after pills when ppl tend to hit the wall, so there were a few frayed nerves in the group.

Um so for the last few days ive just been hanging at home, watching first season of the l word again, and today i worked on my resume some more because i am so so broke that its depressing. Im in the red, and havent been this broke in years. *stabs things*

I cant recall if i ever mentioned it on here about the little 4 year old girl Dakota. Her mum Madonna worked with my mum. About two years ago they found that Dakota had cancer. So they treated it, and that took about 18 months. Around July, August she was given the all clear finally.
A month and a half ago they discovered that it had come back, and was a much more vicious type of cancer. It was alreayd in her bones and basically it riddled her body. She passed away last Friday. So tomorrow I am going to her funeral service, although her parents want it to be more a celebration of her life. It'll be the first funeral ive ever been to, and thankfully they arent doing the child coffin thing. She's being cremated at some stage before the service.

Anyways, uh, so thats my life in a nutshell really. I'll try to update a little more regularly. haha.
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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Time:8:35 pm.
Mood: chipper.
So, as of last Friday I have

That's right, Jace finally graduates. After being enrolled in that damn course since 2000, failing numerous subjects, having 18 months and then getting back into it. I'm done.

And i realised that some of you ljfriends have been around pretty much since I fucked it all up, had time off and to now. Since 2001. Thats insane. But cool cuz woah i been friends with some of you for years now. lol.

Funny thing is, im off to uni again tomorrow, and Thursday for two seminars. From 9-12 its all about how to write up resumes (i know how to... but thats only for the part-time type jobs), how to complete selection criteria (most fucked up thing ever!), interviews, and how to find jobs that you want. That type of stuff, I thought it would be a good idea for me to go, cuz I got no idea.

I went out and celebrated on Saturday night, as you do. Got chopped fo the first time in MONTHS, and it was a really great night. Danced like spazzes with my mates, had random conversations. Snogged a few people. There are two photos as a result of the snogging ARGH! One is more for blackmail of the person i was snogging HAHA. And the other... was Chris being a shit. Its okay, its on a digital camera, its not like everybody's gunna see it.

Paul was out, and actually stayed the whole night, which was great. Im so glad he had a blast hahah.
I chatted up this way hot bar chick. My GOD! I dont normally go for blondes but she was hot.
And then later in the night i happened to get asked the time by this girl, and as things go when off your face, you start talking. And, so yeah I met a pretty cool chick. We ended up talking for the rest of the night... well for about 2 hours, and we may or may not have snogged (the other snogging picture). Swapped numbers, and spoke to her tonight, we're gunna catch up on SaturDAY. See how we go at conversing when not chopped. The down side is that she lives on the Sunshine Coast (for those of you not inthe know this is like 1-2 hours drive north of where i live), AND I DONT DRIVE!!! *slaps myself* Anywyas, I'll see where it goes. She seems like a really easy going cool chick. Oh, her name is Bree. She plays the drums, and is studying preschool/primary school teaching. What is it with me and knowing teacher ppl all over the place. ARGH.

Anyways, Sunday was spent lazing around almost dieing, but not.
Got 11 hours sleep Sunday night which was GREAT. And did nothing allll day Monday. It was beautiful. I watched Higher Learning (why god why, it always makes me cry - damn you Tori Amos and your pretty pretty garden), and then watched the first two eps of Charmed (shut up). Then I read a nonfiction book. Wow, havent read nonfiction for many months, although some of my textbooks did come pretty close to nonfiction.

Ermm. got nothing else to talk about , but let me just say again.

I HAVE COMPLETED UNIVERSITY!!! I now hold a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Industrial Relations, and Politics and Public Policy. Go me! lol
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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Time:5:23 pm.
Right, so Im updating again. Surprise. This one is to slightly distract myself, and this entry is something ive been meaning to do for a long time. For the non-Australians on my friends list, this will be.. well foreign to you - however i do suggest reading it and then you can perhaps tell me what you think about the state of your country regarding this area.

Its industrial relations. The industrial relations reforms that our wise PM has decided that we need. Aussies, please keep reading, this is something you need to know about. Yes, some of this is my opinion, but mostly its something you need to know (the reforms, not my opinion).

Structure.. damn i need structure to this so you know AND i know what im up to. Let's go with this - a very brief background on our system now. Then I will discuss the reforms (it could get messy from there haha - what do you expect with such huge reforms tho?).

PLEASE READ THIS - its funny, no really!Collapse )

Like i said, theres so much more to this, but I wont go on anymore, this is long enough. I hope like christ you finished reading this, because i like to think that the ppl on my friends list are not complacent and selfish and dont give a shit. Cuz you damn well should give a shit. It will effect you.

So in conclusion, Aussies,
Tuesday 15 November is National Day of Action.
There will be something going on in your city. I urge you, unless you have to be a slave to the wage that day, to go and show your support for workers, and your rejection of the reforms. We live in a democratic (i'll let someone else rant about the new anti-terror laws) society, so take advantage.

* one of Johnnie's beloved battlers

EDIT: I realise that some of us are doing exams or assignments still and so the idea of reading this right now makes you want to stab.. well possibly me, if thats the case, than please save this entry and go back to it later. Love you all long time

ps. please pass the date on around to others.
EDIT AGAIN: man this is turning into the longest entry ive ever done. Look Ive even gone and found the info for you where the rallies shall be. http://www.rightsatwork.com.au/campaigns/november15
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