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Well, I thought i would be a little crazy and actually update this thing. Updating seems like such a chore to me, but ive always been crap with diaries and the like.

Umm, so, what's been going on with me? Not much really, thats not entirely true, ive been doing stuff, but not too much thats exciting.

Christmas was christmas. Had bacon and eggs for breakfast at a relatives place, that was fine except Thomas (5 y/o cousin) is a fucking little shit who needs a good smack or five. Anyways, was home by 3, we cooked pork and then ate it.

So i received season 1 and 2 of Little Britain (yayyy), earrings, $20 itunes voucher and a $30 myer voucher - and this was all just from my sister. I also got a wicked belt, massuers (haha shush, theyre comfy and i wear them when i go outside to smoke), and some fabulous makeup. I got the Buffy movie. I flashy flash lighter (which was kinda fun when faceless) but its already run outta gas. And I got a cute little girly pink cigarette holder and a matching little mirror. Im loving the ciggie holder but unfortunately it only holds 7 ciggies. That's sooo not enough for me, but its still fabulous.

Went to Family for Fluffy night and got chopped with Dan. Snogged a straight girl who recently admitted she used to have a thing for me... and apparently still kinda does. Anyways, so when i get chopped i like to snog ppl, I found Nat and snogged her. She loved it! HAHA! Kept coming back for more.
It was a fabulous night, and Tuesday was great cuz i got to hang with Dan all day, which we havent been able to do. We got up to our usual random madness and giggles. And watched lots of Little Britain.

New Years Eve was fabulous fun aswell. I mean, at one stage I was freaking out cuz my pill was like WHOA! and i couldnt move my fingers, feet, stomach. It was freaky. And what i say next will probably be the one and only time i say it - im actually thankful that a girl spilt beer on my leg. I was sitting there, freaking my friends out, and trying not to freak out completely or close my eyes, when a girl goes to pass me a bottle of water, and next thing i know shes knocked beer over on the table and its spilling on leg. It made me focus on that, and so the body stiffness started to pass THANK GOD! The best bit was i wasnt even concentrating on the beer thing, i forgot all about it about 5 minutes later. The rest of the night was fabulous. Didnt dance enough cuz whenever i felt like dancing the music was crapola. I snogged the straight girl some more when i saw her - again, she loved it. We all went for a walk to The Tree, cuz they lifted the stupid 3am curfew. The tree was just what we needed and was great. I spoke to the Hjo that is Lisa for a bit, and that was cool although she may not think so. At least i was more coherent then, than i was earlier when i called her. ugh. hahaha.

Was in bed by 7am, got 4 hours sleep, and new years day was actually really cool it was just the Domain crew. We just hung out on the balcony, watched some dvds, hung out on the balcony some more. Then we decided to drink and smoke ciggies and have the most personal conversation we've ever had as a group. It was hilarious and great.
Monday wasnt quite as good, cuz its always the second day after pills when ppl tend to hit the wall, so there were a few frayed nerves in the group.

Um so for the last few days ive just been hanging at home, watching first season of the l word again, and today i worked on my resume some more because i am so so broke that its depressing. Im in the red, and havent been this broke in years. *stabs things*

I cant recall if i ever mentioned it on here about the little 4 year old girl Dakota. Her mum Madonna worked with my mum. About two years ago they found that Dakota had cancer. So they treated it, and that took about 18 months. Around July, August she was given the all clear finally.
A month and a half ago they discovered that it had come back, and was a much more vicious type of cancer. It was alreayd in her bones and basically it riddled her body. She passed away last Friday. So tomorrow I am going to her funeral service, although her parents want it to be more a celebration of her life. It'll be the first funeral ive ever been to, and thankfully they arent doing the child coffin thing. She's being cremated at some stage before the service.

Anyways, uh, so thats my life in a nutshell really. I'll try to update a little more regularly. haha.
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